I am a motivational speaker, author, mentor, and leadership expert with over 25 years of knowledge and experience leading others to personal and professional success. My goal is to provide you with the tips, tools, techniques, and resources that will guide you on the right path to achieving your life goals.

I have led teams as small as 3 to much larger groups of over 500.  I bring to you valuable insight that I have gained from my life of traveling and leading people from around the world that will ultimately lead you to your own success.



Follow these 10 rules of Leadership and you will be on your way to success as a Leader

Leadership Solved discusses “the 10 rules of leadership” that any leader or future leader needs to follow in order to make an impact on their leadership ability, style, and influence.

Leadership skills are a vital part of any Leaders toolkit and with these 10 rules you will have a framework to be the best Leader you can be and those who follow you want to become.

The core concept of successful Leadership is The Five Rights. In this book you will not only discover The Five Rights, but you will also discover tips and techniques that will lead you to personal or professional success.

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